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TPG Deals – Up to $55 Cash Back on TPG Services – what a DEAL !

TPG Deals

The below TPG Promotion occurs when signing up for a TPG Internet Service. Why not get a paid to join Australia’s second largest Internet Service Provider ? Kickstart Computers has since 2010 been offering a one time only cash back rebate when purchasing a TPG Internet Plan or Service. As the TPG plans consistently change we came up with a cash back that rewards the end user – YOU – on the TPG plan chosen and the length of contract. The value is anywhere from $15 to $55; what a deal !

PLEASE NOTE: The below TPG Promo Code Voucher link does not work on all browsers – you may need to manually enter the promo code of SAKC within step 6 of the signup process as mentioned further down.

If you are a business and are thinking about joining TPG  Business plans such as TPG Fibre Optic, TPG Ethernet Broadband, TPG Fibre400, TPG Fibre 1000 – the list goes on; please make contact for a customised cash back incentive.

Why TPG Internet for NBN ?

TPG Internet is now Australias second largest Internet Service Provider; meaning that TPG services or TPG Plans within the marketplace offer great performance value – now and into the future. Soon every Australian will have either Fibre to the Home or Fibre to the Node. TPG Australia has current NBN plans that incorporate not only the data but is also bundled with the home phone and mobile.

TPG Internet is Australias largest mobile virtual network operator; meaning no one beats them within the amount of mobile subscribers purchasing services through them – they must be doing something right !

TPG Internet Deals – Promotion Codes, Vouchers or Coupons?

The TPG Promotional Code, Voucher or Coupon Code, is Kickstart Computers Dealer Code. Vouchers and Coupon codes expire within a time frame, however, our dealer code of SAKC (promotional code) can be manually entered within Step 6 of the signup registration. If you forget you cant go back after and make amends. The below image shows where the required TPG promotional dealer code of SAKC needs to be entered.

Tpg deals, tpg promo code, tpg pensioner discount
Where To Enter TPG Promo Code SAKC On Step 6 Of Registration

TPG Internet Cashback Deal

So when do I get my cash back ?

Once you have signed up for a TPG Australia ADSL, ADSL2+ or NBN, for Personal, Home Office or for Business, we will get an email from TPG to say that a new member has joined.

What we will need from you is an email to Kickstart Computers with your Username and bank details. We can then deposit the cashback into your account – on the commencement of the TPG Internet start of service ie.. the TPG plan has begun.

We can also Deposit directly into your Paypal account.

** This offer can not be used with any other promotional rebate and can only be used once. The TPG Australia Discount Cashback Rebate can only be accessed online through one of the above mentioned methods.

TPG Internet Deal

The TPG Internet Broadband plan that you signup too, has an amount per month that you will be charged.

From this monthly charge, the below table can be used for the cashback rebate or discount. PLEASE NOTE: All NBN plans no matter the monthly spend have a cash back amount of $15 i.e. the below table only applies for ADSL, ADSL2+ Plans and Bundles.

The below table gives the minimum amount we will pay, please email or call if we are NOT saving you the most amount of $$$

If you are a business client, taking on plans such as TPG Fibre Optic, TPG Ethernet Broadband, TPG Fibre400 etc OR have taken on a expensive plan please make contact to receive a customised cash back quote

Monthly SpendCashback or Discount Received
$40 or less$15
$40.01 to $50$25
$50.01 to $69.99$30
$70 and greater$35 up to $55 pending on total theoretical outlay

TPG Fibre To The Building (FTTB)

TPG Fibre To the Building (FTTB) has been installed using their own fibre optic network to many metro apartments and buildings of size where TPG predicated it was a great long term plan spending on the infrastructure. 

TPG Fibre To the Building, at the time of writing, has two speed tiers, standard (up to 12MBbps) and Superfast (90Mbps typical evening speed), with three data allotments.

Check out the TPG FTTB Plans on offer.

TPG Fibre400 / TPG Fibre1000

TPG Fibre400 and TPG Fibre1000 are Business broadband solutions where unlimited data is given for the speed tiers of 400Mbps or 1000Mbps. You can allocate this speed to one service or split it over several – the choice is yours and is customised via the TPG portal.

The TPG Fibre400 and Fibre1000 plans are only available on TPG on-net buildings. A formal quotation from either Kickstart of TPG themselves is needed for a full cost summary.

Kickstart Computers can give a cash back towards these services, however, as the costs are variable, so to would be the cash back amount.

For any TPG business related service, please give us a call/email to understand how we can lessen the overall start up cost.

TPG Pensioner Discount

If you are an Australian Pensioner , we will give an extra $5 towards the TPG discounts mentioned in the table above. You will need to mention that you are applying for the TPG Pensioner Discount when interacting with Kickstart, so we are aware of this within payment. We may also ask for some proof of age or call to verify.

TPG Internet Deals Questions

TPG Internet Deals, TPG deals, tpg promo code
TPG Promotions Questions

Any questions you have about the deal, feel free to call a Kickstart Computers sales representative on (08) 8522 3448 / 0416 353 501


Use this link to send an email