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J5Create JCD389 Modular 11-in- 1 mini Dock perfect for MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro

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J5Create JCD389 ULTRADRIVE KIT USB-C Modular Mini Dock 11-in-1

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The JCD389 USB-C modular mini dock is a versatile hub featuring video, data storage and charging all in one. It includes 5 detachable small adapters (modular kits) to add extra ports and features to your laptop. Each module can work separately as a complete mini adapter or be magnetically connected to the main body for use together. There are 12 combinations of magnetic connections. Three kits, of HDMI, mini DisplayPort and VGA can be connected to the USB-C end to achieve dual USB-C inputs to extend up to 3 monitors on your MacBook Pro. It’s a perfect all-in-one solution to connect your USB-C laptop to any device in the office, home or on the road by switching the modules accordingly.