Samsung Commercial Displays Australia

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Samsung Commercial Displays

Samsung has a range of commercial displays within their lineup. Whether its a video wall or a digital signage solution, Samsung Commercial Displays will have your needs covered.

Lets have a brief look at a few of the more popular Samsung models and their use within todays industry.

The below link will take you to the current Samsung SMART signage range.

If you wish to peruse the range on the Kickstart website – click here


Samsung Product of the Month

Samsung QM75N LH75QMNEBGC/XY 74.5″ UHD 500cd/m2, RS232/RJ45 control, WiFi/BT embedded, IP5X dustproof, built in Quad Core media player (MagicInfo S6, Tizen SSSP 6.0), 2x HDMI2.0, 1x DVI-D, 1x DP1.2, HDCP2.2, HDMI2.0 loopout, 4.1 G internal content storage, USB (TBC)


Samsung Commercial Display – Outdoor Signage 

Samsung has three screens sizes for Outdoor use 46″, 55″ and 75″. The screens have an auto brightness sensor, with the ability to punch out a massive 2,500 nits – combating ambient light. 

Your media is easily uploaded and displayed utilizing Samsung’s propitiatory software. MagicInfo® Premium S all-in-one embedded content management solution, limits the need for a separate PC or media player. 

The full details of Samsungs SMART Signage Platform are learnt below

Samsung has designed their screens to run 24/7 with durability within varying environments. 

If you are looking for a sleek, elegant screen for use as an outdoor video wall or an in-window store display – look no further, Samsung is your solution.


Samsung Commercial Display – 55″ OM55N Window Display Version 

The Samsung OM55H we thought worthy a mention. As it is a 24/7 display that incorporates an even higher brightness (4000 nits), with all the bells and whistles of WIFI, Quad core media player, internal storage and landscape/portrait installation.

The screen has an RRP of $10,599inc or you can order below

Samsung OM55N 55inch Digital Signage Australia – FREE Shipping


There is also a Dual Sided variant of the screen

Samsung OM55ND 55inch Digital Signage Australia – FREE Shipping



Samsung SMART Signage

The Samsung screen range used for SMART signage is generally at 500 cd/m2 (nits) or above. There are also more basic screens that compare to a typical monitor (between 250 to 350 nits). 

Samsung Australias website, at the time of writing and from experience is not updated frequently and so its best to make contact to understand whats currently available. As an example, the Samsung Australia website still shows the 22” Professional Display DBD-P Series which has been sold out with all Samsung Distributors for some 3+ months.

The price range in screens has a correlation to their brightness with price brackets corresponding to screens of

  • 350 nits
  • 500 nits
  • 700 nits
  • above 700 nits

Lets have a look at some of the display models that fit into the above categories to understand the features and prices.

You may also wish to have a peek at a few of the Samsung Digital Signage Displays on the Kickstart Website

We have also called them Samsung Professional Displays


Samsung DC55E 55″ Digital Signage Display

The Samsung DC55E is an entry level  55″ Professional Display. Its 16/7 (16 hours of use 7 days per week) operational use and 350 nits of brightness allow a more affordable signage solution.

It retails for $2538inc 

Samsung DC55E 55inch Commercial Display Australia – FREE Shipping



Samsung PM55H 55″ Digital Signage Display

The next step up from the DC55E is the PM55H. This 55″ Samsung Professional Display comes graded at 24/7 operational use and has a higher brightness of 500 nits.

There are also a host of other sales specs that make it attractive, such as

  • Dust Resistant – perfect for high pollution areas such as train subways
  • Embedded Media Player – Samsungs SMART Signage Platform that was mentioned earlier in the article.
  • Sleek design with slim depth (30.5mm) and narrow bezels (9mm)
  • IP5x certification and non-glare panel to withstand a range of environmental conditions

The PM55H has an RRP of $3656inc

Samsung PM55H 55inch Digital Signage Australia – FREE Shipping


Samsung PH55F 55″ Digital Signage Display

 The PH55F has all of the features of the PM55H, with the big difference being the 700 nits brightness

The PH55F has an RRP of $4606inc

Samsung PH55F 55inch Digital Signage Australia – FREE Shipping


Samsung OM55N 55″ Digital Signage Display – Window Display.

The Samsung OM55N Window Display version blazes away in its 24 hours 7 days a week operational use at a whopping 4000nits. Its slim, robust and vibrant colours have meant that leading industry awards have been attained.

Samsung OM55N 55inch Digital Signage Australia – FREE Shipping


Samsung Commercial Displays Wrap Up

Samsungs Commercial Displays are very broad within their offerings. As discussed prior, the features and cost of the screens are closely related to the overall brightness and operational use.

We highly recommend Samsung as a solution for Digital Signage or Video Walls, due to the way the Manufacturer handles themselves within Customer Service – our Samsung Reps are always there if needed. For the small amount of warranty claims, Samsung Australia, makes this process relatively pain free (so to speak).

Kickstart Computers, endorses the Samsung Commercial Display range, however, we work for the client. Other Brands in the marketplace can be mentioned and compared against to assist in the decision making process.

Feel free to call or email for advice and the best way forward.